Office Information

Our Mission

  1. Provide excellence in patient care;
  2. Perform cutting-edge clinical care for patients with endocrine diseases;
  3. Provide outstanding educational opportunities for patients
    and their families

Our Services

Dr Shifrin-Douglas specializes in endocrine problems related to the Thyroid, Parathyroid, Adrenal and Pituitary glands.

THYROID ULTRASOUND is performed in the office to evaluate for the presence of thyroid nodules (tumors of the thyroid gland).

FINE NEEDLE ASPIRATION is performed on thyroid nodules under direct ultrasound guidance. In addition to cytology specimen if indicated also will be send for genetic testing with AFIRMA and ThyraMir/ThyGenX,

Dr Shifrin-Douglas does not specialize in diabetic care.

Insurance Plans

Dr. Shifrin-Douglas does not participate with any commercial insurances, and she is only out of network provider.

We do not participate in Medicare or Medicaid or any commercial insurances.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why do we not accept all medical insurance plans?

The patients have easier access to care and will not experience the rushed appointments.

The patients have less waiting time for an appointment.

We are providing a very personalized and comprehensive style of practice.

Dr Shifrin-Douglas believes medicine can only be practiced by having enough time to listen to your patients and really know your patients.

We practice medicine the way it was supposed to be practiced-- just physician and the patient.

You will need to pay fee for office visit. At the end of office visit you will receive medical receipt which you can submit to you medical insurance for out-of-network reimbursement.